Nebim V3

Get to know Nebim V3, Turkey’s leading ERP software developed for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Why Nebim V3?

Manage your business processes on a single platform, end-to-end, with Nebim V3

Comprehensive and Integrated

Manage all your business processes from purchasing to manufacturing up to finance management and sales, on the same platform and in a completely integrated manner.

Open to Change and Growth

Use your ERP as the growth platform of your company thanks to Nebim V3's modular structure and its capability to integrate with other systems,

Rapidly Adaptable

Implement your new projects rapidly thanks to the industry-specific default functions as well as the fast ERP adaptation methods which Nebim has developed.

Discover Nebim V3

Nebim V3 Editions

Nebim V3 Starter Edition / For Retailers

Store software for small-sized retail companies

Nebim V3 Starter Edition / For Wholesalers

Store software for small-sized wholesale companies

Nebim V3 Standard Edition

Commercial software for small and medium-sized retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies

Nebim V3 Advanced Edition

ERP for medium-sized retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies

Nebim V3 Corporate Edition

ERP for multi-channel, big-scale retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies with multi-national operational targets


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Suleyman Orakcioglu, the President of the Board of Directors of Orka Group


Olgarlar Board of Directors Vice President Orkun Olgar


İpekyol General Manager Uğur Ayaydın


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